The Wag in Concert

Photo by Jeff Crespi

The Wag’s California Tour – Days 2 and 3 by Brian Ostering

Day 2:  Alicia and I started our day by going to the Church of The Immaculate Conception in Old Town.  It was a fantastic Mass and we got to bring up the gifts.  The priest asked us who we were and where we were visiting from.  We told him and mentioned that we were going to be celebrating our 19 year wedding anniversary next month.  He told the congregation and everyone clapped!  It was funny to have that happen at a church.

After Mass, we picked up the remaining Waggers and went back to spend the afternoon in Old Town.  Here are some fun pictures from our time in Old Town:

After getting out of the Old Town jail, we decided to head to Coronado Island!  We went for a walk along the beach and the weather was beautiful!

Then after our walk, we had a great dinner at a place called Kindred.  I got the tofu kabobs!  When you’re on tour with The Wag, you eat well!

The end of day 2!

Day 3:  This was another day of leisure!  We went to La Jolla and got to hang out with some  seals and sea lions!  Check out some of our pictures:

After lunch, we checked out the dog beach.  It seemed fitting for The Wag to do that.  🙂

The end of day 3!

2 thoughts on “The Wag’s California Tour – Days 2 and 3 by Brian Ostering

  1. You guys are very happy team ! Every time I see your pictures , can’t help but smile . Love you all !
    Mimi Galimba

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