The Wag in Concert

Photo by Jeff Crespi

In Memory of Brian Mowery


Brian W. Mowery was born in Teaneck, NJ and was a resident of Garfield, NJ before moving to Bronxville, NY and then North Middletown, NJ. He was a dispatcher for the Old Dominion Freight Line Company in Jersey City.


Besides being a great friend, he was an incredibly talented musician. He wrote songs, played the drums, the guitar, ukulele, sax, piano, in fact, just about any instrument he could find, he would learn how to play. He was also our constant. He was always there when we needed him and he never complained. It didn’t matter if we played in front of hundreds of people or in a clothing rack at a store in Fair Haven (twice). He would do anything for the love of music but most of all, for the love that he had for us. Brian was also our sense of humor. Nobody could tell a story like him. He initiated our band’s podcast, The Imaginary Radio Show and told so many funny stories. He was very entertaining. He was also one of the most kind and generous people that you’d ever meet. He would do anything that he could for you and never ask for anything in return.

No words can truly let you know how much he meant to us. May he rest in peace.

Brian was predeceased by his stepfather, Angelo Radetich and his cat, Summer.

Brian is survived by his beloved wife, Kristina, his mother Judith A. Radetich, his father Terrence Mowery and stepmother Maryann, his sister Lia Mowery and his two nephews Angelo and Andrew, his cat Benny, as well as his good friends and bandmates Brian Ostering (also his brother in law), Alicia Van Sant (also his sister in law), previous bandmates Dan Corboy & Chuck Boris, and countless friends and fans of the band.