The Wag in Concert

Photo by John Posada

NJ Friends of Clearwater End Year with a Wag article: NJ Friends of Clearwater End Year with a Wag

Eatontown: The NJ Friends of Clearwater End of Year party was warm, homey, among friends and with home spun music- hoe down, gentle and medium velocity rock, carols and original county at the Eatontown Community Center on Sunday.

The music was by The Wag, named after the familiar “Hi friends” signals offered by canine pals when they greet you.  The Wag were hands on instruments -percussions, the guitars and keyboard. The performers have been seen recently at the downtown Red Bank scene, the SPCA fundraisers in Eatontown and Lincroft, at Espresso Joe’s in Keyport and the Sand Witch in Asbury Park.

The main vocalist was Alicia Van Sant whose voice reminds one of  Karen Carpenter in texture and range. Her rendition of “O’ Holy Night “drew special applause from the Clearwater group. For more about WAGS go on line to

NJ Friends of Clearwater is a non-profit grassroots environmental group run by volunteers and dedicated to a cleaner environment. It is active in trying to control water pollution throughout the state to promote human and ecological health.

Its beginning goes back to Pete Seeger and the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater group of the 70’s. Seeger and friends built a 19th century style sloop and sailed from town to town on the Hudson River to build awareness about pollution. Today, the NJFC is over 8000 strong and has a record of successful lawsuits against polluters as well as many educational programs for children and adults.

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