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Show #73: The Graeme Edge Interview.

The Wag's Imaginary Radio Show
The Wag's Imaginary Radio Show
Show #73: The Graeme Edge Interview.

Alicia and Brian O. of The Wag interview Graeme Edge of The Moody Blues and discuss: stealing energy; weirdest gig; screw-ups; egg dips by John Lodge; new music; Strange Times; “Higher and Higher” dance; song: “Your Eyes“; bananas; The Moody Blues Cruise; Star Trek; poetry; audio book. Featured IRS players: Brian Ostering and Alicia Van Sant.

23 thoughts on “Show #73: The Graeme Edge Interview.

  1. Thanks to Graeme for joining Alicia and Brian!
    Love the stories! Especially the one about Carnegie Hall!
    We’ll be watching you as long as you play, Gray!
    Oh, Alicia, I wish I could meet you, and see your band play!

    1. Darilee – I wish I could meet you too, & that you could see our band play! Maybe one day… Meanwhile, I’m so glad you enjoyed the episode!

  2. love the moodies and loved this interview……… to see mike and ray get with other lads for the 50th year in 2017……many .thanks

    1. Alan – at the risk of repeating myself, I’m so happy you enjoyed the podcast! I love the Moodies too – I could see them every night & it would still never be enough. Who knows… maybe Ray will join them in 2017, although according to Graeme, it seems doubtful that Mike would. Fingers crossed, though.

  3. What a Grand appending Alicia and Brian! it was just great hearing Gray Edge, with you all on THE WAG Stataion! I was laughing and really learn about Gray and the Moody’s, thier Music and such! Thank you for the surprise which is a understatement! shearing to my friends if you don’t mind, Thank you so Much Gray for Taking Part! Gray as long as y’all keep play’n will keep on coming to the shows! Love you all!

    1. JoAnn – and I’m glad that YOU enjoyed it, too! It really was quite eye-opening, speaking with Graeme. BY ALL MEANS, share this with your friends! LOL Spread the Wag Word!

  4. Love the stories and Alicia you sounded so enthusiastic!!! He is so open with you as well! Great Interview and Thanks for sharing!! Linda

    1. Thanks, Linda, glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 I’m a pretty enthusiastic person already, but I was over the moon talking to Graeme! 🙂 Yes, he was very open, & it really felt like I was talking to an old friend. What a pleasure for us, & spreading the happiness only makes me even happier! 😀

  5. Teriffic intervew. Very original and unique questions, Alicia! Lots of new stories and insights. Loved it. Thanks so much.

    1. Thanks, Carol! 😀 I’m so glad you liked it! It was our pleasure to speak with Graeme, & the whole point is to spread the happiness around. Stay tuned – there just might be more of that sort of thing on the way! 😉

  6. Alicia & Brian, this interview with Graeme was absolutely wonderful!! I’m so happy for you that Graeme did this. He sounded so relaxed (when isn’t he? LOL!!), and seemed to be enjoying every minute of it as you both did too! So much fun info, you never know what Graeme is going to say! He’s just amazing!! I also loved hearing “The Wag” in the middle of the interview too, great song!!

    1. Thanks so much, Carol – so glad you enjoyed it! 😀 Yes, we had a great time speaking with Graeme, & I’m pretty sure he was having as good a time as we were! He’s such a pleasure to talk to. Thanks for the compliment about the song, too – so happy you liked it!

  7. A very excellent interview! Thankyou Brian and Alicia. You guys make a good team, and I do like the song in there too (YOUR EYES). Good one, Brian!

    1. Thanks, Barry! 🙂 Yep, Brian wrote that song to be in the vein of the Moodies, & I think he hit the nail right on the head with that one!

  8. Just caught this in the wake of Gray’s passing. Great chat. I first saw the band in our home town, Birmingham, in December 1969. I’ve been a fan for most of my life. Beautiful people. Thanks for posting this.

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