The Wag in Concert

Photo by John Posada

2 thoughts on “Come see The Wag’s Halloween Spectacular at The Strand Theater in Lakewood on Sat., 10/29/22 at 7 pm!

  1. Hi… Can you provide more details. Is this a concert or a Halloween Party? I have never been to the Strand before. This looks like a theater hall. But the ad say Dancing and Costume contest? How would that work… is there a separate area setup so people can dance?

    Will there be refreshments?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jim,
      This is a concert/show that will feature our band performing Halloween-themed music. Some of our musical numbers will include our Wag dancers. Although there is no area for audience dancing, there will be a costume contest for any audience member that would like to dress up and participate. Yes, there is a refreshment area in the theater. Hope you are able to come to the show! 🙂

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