The Wag in Concert

Photo by John Posada

The Wag’s 2017 California Tour – Day 9 by Brian Ostering

Day 9:  We went to the beach in the early afternoon and then headed to our final gig of the tour at Winston’s Beach Club.  Check out what happened at our final gig in Alicia’s words:

“Now THIS is cool: a lady came into our gig tonight, & was singing along with everything, originals included. That’s cool enough on its own – but what she told us afterwards was even better. A while back she had been working on the computer & went to YouTube to listen to bands, choosing them at random. She found one of our videos & really dug us, so listened to more of us, then looked us up (I guess on our website). She was disappointed to find out that we were from NJ, assuming she’d never get to see us. She happened to be walking by the cool open window that this venue has, *recognized* us, & came in, & stayed for the whole gig!! HOW COOL!!! And then she bought some CDs! 🎶😃💖”

We had such a great show!  The crowd was great, the sound system was excellent and the vibe was awesome.  This was the perfect way to end our California tour!  Hope you enjoyed my little blogs.  🙂

End of day 9.  Another successful Wag tour!

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