The Wag in Concert

Photo by Mike Catalano

Official Wag Announcement

Before our drummer, Brian Mowery, passed away, we began to record a new album.  To honor him and the work that he started with us, we have decided to finish this record.  We were very fortunate to have recorded Brian’s drum tracks on a few of the new songs.  We have assembled a collection of songs for this album that meant something to Brian.  He either played on them, wrote the drum parts, co-wrote the songs or wrote the song entirely.  This is a very important album to us as well as an emotional one to make.  Each time we go into our home studio and see Brian’s drums or add to the tracks that he recorded, we can’t help but to get emotional.  But it also gives us the strength that we need to continue because it reminds us that Brian put himself into our music and into these recordings.  Our new CD will be completed by and released on Brian’s birthday, this September 28th. It feels like this would be the perfect birthday gift for Brian.  We have decided to have our CD release party at the venue that has been our musical home over the years – Espresso Joe’s.  We hope that you will join us and help us celebrate the life of our friend, brother & drummer, and the music that he helped create for 14 years.


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