The Wag in Concert

Photo by Jeff Crespi

Former Member – Dan Corboy

Guitar and Vocals

  • Favorite Song: Spirit of the Radiodan_1
  • Favorite Color (or lack thereof): Black
  • Favorite multi-polymer petroleum product:Teflon
  • Favorite Artists: Mom Corboy/Monet
  • Favorite Expletive: D’oh!
  • Favorite Onomatopoeia: Biff!
  • Favorite Spider-Man Villain: Mysterio
  • Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Cheerios
  • Favorite Cream Song: Politician
  • Stupid Human Trick: Once held breath for 2 minutes 20 seconds
  • Weapon of choice: PRS Custom
  • Favorite Place on Earth: Princefille, Kauai
  • Number of Toes: 10
  • Favorite State License Plate: New Hampshire, “Live Free or Die”
  • Favorite Key: Skeleton
  • Fondest Memory: Superbowl XX