The Wag in Concert

Photo by Mike Catalano

Alicia Van Sant

Keyboard, Vocals, Percussion

Alicia Van Sant
Photo by Bob Yellen

Hi, I’m Alicia, and I play keyboard, tambourine, maraca, various other percussion instruments, and I sing. I’m also learning how to play guitar, and have played my paisley pink Fender Stratocaster that I got for Christmas at a few of our gigs. I love playing my guitar! Here are some things about me that you might find interesting.

  • Favorite Band: The Moody Blues (it used to be the Monkees, but now they’re second…)
  • Fave Food: Steamed Broccoli
  • Favorite Color: Purple, followed closely by green
  • Favorite Movies: I am obsessed with the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. Thank you for your masterpieces, JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson! For one of my birthdays, I made myself the One Cake!
  • Favorite Shows: The Crocodile Hunter / Lost / 24 /The Monkees / M*A*S*H / Star Trek (all of ’em) / British shows (EastEnders, Monty Python, Red Dwarf, etc.)

What else? Let’s see… I’m an environmentalist. I’m vegan – I use no animal products whatsoever. I love music from the ’60’s- just about anything from back then. I was a music major at Stockton State College. I also love classical music- Mozart is my favorite!

I have one sister whom I love very much, and two parents, whom I also love very much! 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite links:

Wil Wheaton’s blog (Played Wesley Crusher- but this is Wil, and he has a great blog!)
The Moody Blues! (To check out my favorite band!) At the last Moody show I went to, I gave Justin 2 Wag CDs and a Wag t-shirt, and he gave me one of his picks- which is now my most prized possession!

Justin Hayward & John Lodge from the Moody Blues (These 3 Moody Blues pics are copyright Carol Mullen- thanks, Carol!)
Justin Hayward, playing with the acoustic pick that I believe is the one he gave me!
Justin Hayward, carrying the bag that I gave him with Wag CDs Ordinary Day, Long Story Short and a Wag t-shirt – c’mon, Justin has them, you know you want them too! 😀