The Wag in Concert

Photo by John Posada

The Wag’s music video for “Everybody Said” will be shown at the Brightside Tavern as part of the Grove Film Festival on 3/27/19

The Wag’s music video for “Everybody Said” has been selected by the Grove Film Festival!

Tickets can be purchased in advance through:

The Brightside Tavern located at 141 Bright St. Jersey City, NJ
1/2 mile from Grove Street PATH Station

Special thanks to Lynn Fylak and the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society for providing a wonderful venue for us to film in, to Amanda Duncan from Please N thank U Productions for filming, directing, co-producing & editing the video, and to Pete Andrews from Submergent Music for mixing and mastering the song and for the use of his microphone in the video!

The song, “Everybody Said” is from The Wag’s album, We Carry On, and is available at:

It can also be purchased on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, and can be streamed on Spotify!

The schedule of events:
Networking starts at 3:30 pm

4-5:30 pm – Block 1A
In My Eyes
Good Mourning
J. Henry
Mountain Men

4-6 pm – Block 1B
Irony of Catharsis

5:30-7 pm – Block 2A
Everybody Said
The Mirror (ending 1)
Tarrant County
Meeting Across the Hills
Lighten Up Batman

6-8 pm – Block 2B
To See You Smile
A Line Between All Things

7-8:30 pm – Block 3A (Lovesick)
Mind F*#k
Rock W Me
Uber Nacht
“Baby’s Breath”
Lover and a Giver
Welcome Home

8:30-10 pm – Block 4A
Happy Birthday Rachel Confrancisco
My Dad and Bob Todd
Hysterical Women
Swiped Right

8:30-10 pm – Block 4B
Beyond Kepler
I…Have Issues

Unproduced Screenplays:
Long Haul
The Miracle That Saved Cesar Ibanes’ Life

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