The Wag in Concert

Photo by Jeff Crespi

The Wag at 10PRL (A benefit for Australia) on 1/26/20

The Australian bushfires have been raging for months, and the damage is unspeakable. In this, the darkest hour of an entire continent, we have to do what we do best: be a light. Tor Pax, 10PRL, Nicole Glendinning, and over 50 businesses, musicians, and artists from across the United States, Mexico, and Canada have banded together to donate their time, talents, and services to generate funding for the fire-ravaged areas of Victoria.

The RFS and Victoria Fire Service is exhausted, some working 20 hour shifts trying to hold back the burn. Some have reported that it’s the apocalypse – or that it feels that way.

And what does one do at the end of the world, if not throw a massive party to stand against it in bright, screaming defiance.

Join us on January 26th, bring your friends, your families, your neighbors, and your dance partners for a full day of #livemusic, #art, games, a silent auction including gift baskets from all over the country.


The musical lineup so far, in no particular order of appearance, we’ve got:

Deseree Spinks
Chris Rockwell
Shaune Pony Heath-Thilberg
The Viewers Like You
The Wag
DJ Jay Insult
Matthew Raspanti
The Well Wish
Kasey Jean
Matt Curran
Venus Envy

The incredible businesses, both local and national who have donated their wares and services to this effort for the silent auction include (so far)

Rebel Supply Co.
Kinetric Wellness
Osteria Procaccini-Ocean Grove OPOG
Rugged Paw
The Bouncing Souls
Only Posers Don’t Listen to Podcast
FREYA Beauty & Waxing House
Booskerdoo Coffee & Baking Co.
Paradox Thrift
Two River Theater
Craft House Salon
East Coast Comic Convention
Inkwell Coffee House


And now the artists. The makers who are giving pieces of themselves for the silent auction:

Frank zapper
Dara Faye
Angela Kirkpatrick (mourning jewelry & craft)
Maggie Fischer Brown
Jenna Rae
Abby Resko
Judi Yaccarino
Renee Maskin
Marlee K. & Jay
Lucid Soup
Amanda Lovelace (Signed series of books)
Geraldine Val
Chris RockwellKarma Cartel‘s AMAZING merch
Doug Dresher

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